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FOAC-Institute Newsletter - April 9, 2024 :: 04/09/2024

Yesterday millions of people in the United States put on special glasses and looked up to the sky at the eclipse. Many people left work early, schools were off, and people prepared for weeks to arrange plans to travel to distant places to take part in this twice (maybe thrice) in a lifetime event. I too participated.  My son and I back timed Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and we sat and listened to the record and saw the eclipse in time with the music.

Once it was over… it was over.


FOAC-Institute Newsletter and a CALL TO ACTION - March, 25, 2024 :: 03/25/2024

Well…. It has happened.

Thanks to an “Obama Appointed” Judge, Sharon Johnson Coleman, gun control has been COMPLETLEY thrown out the window.


FOAC-Institute Newsletter - March 12, 2024 :: 03/12/2024

The State of the Union address did not surprise anyone.

Joe Biden used it as a partisan stump speech, once more pledging his support for the limitation and restriction of your natural born right to self-defense.


FOAC-Institute Newsletter - February 26, 2024 :: 02/26/2024

Math is everywhere!


FOAC-Institute Newsletter - February 12th, 2024 :: 02/13/2024

We have returned from the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg!

What a wonderful opportunity for our organization to get out in front of new audiences. FOAC-Institute is better known to more Pennsylvanians and Americans from other parts of the country. While there, FOAC-Institute leadership built and strengthened relationships with other organizations of like mind in order to work together to advance the cause of liberty and the protection of our most basic right; the right to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves and those that we love.


FOAC-Institute Newsletter - January 29, 2024 :: 01/29/2024

Who exactly do these people work for?

There are elected officials, appointed bureaucrats, and alphabet agency payroll minions that are attacking freedom loving and self-sufficient Americans while at the same time going out of their way to empower criminals and non-citizens.


FOAC-ILLEA Legal News of Monumental Decision on Gun Rights :: 01/19/2024

We have great news from yesterday!  Thursday morning our attorney Joshua Prince, Esq. reached out to me and informed us all of a monumental decision made by the Third Circuit.  The court held that Pennsylvania's banning of 18-to-21 year olds from carrying firearms outside of their homes during a state of emergency is unconstitutional. 

Congrats Josh on a great victory for the young adults of this Commonwealth and gun rights advocates everywhere!  This may well lay the groundwork for some future corrective measures with licenses to carry firearms and similar infringements on our young women and men's rights.  


FOAC Institute Newsletter January 15th, 2024 :: 01/15/2024

15 days into 2024 and the anti-gun establishment in Harrisburg is unloading both barrels at your 2nd Amendment rights. This week the anti-gun leadership is likely going to run MULTIPLE anti-gun / anti-liberty bills in the Pennsylvania House that are designed to limit, restrict and abolish your individual right to keep and bear arms.

The architects of tyranny are actively chipping away at the 2nd Amendment and Article 1 Section 21 of the PA Constitution by attacking your right to protect yourself and those that you love. They are promoting the agenda of the elected class and elites from across the country that espouse that YOU should be dependent on and subservient to the government.


FOAC-Institute Newsletter - January 1, 2024 :: 01/01/2024

Happy New Year!

Each time this is said, many folks see images of champagne glasses, a baby in a top hat, fireworks, and a colorful glass ball “dropping” down a pole in Times Square. Some folks are sad to see another year click by, while others are glad that they have a fresh new start with a new year of opportunities for better things to come.


FOAC-ILLEA Newsletter - December 11, 2023 :: 12/11/2023

We are 2 weeks out from Christmas and the Grinch of gun control slinks through the halls at all levels of government. FOAC-Institute is vigilant and hard at work defending the 2A and Article 1 Section 21 of the PA Constitution from the anti-gun forces in Harrisburg and across the Commonwealth. However, gun owners cannot take the “someone else is dealing with this” approach.  

Everyone MUST do their part.


FOAC-ILLEA Newsletter - November 20, 2023 :: 11/20/2023

Firearms Owners Against Crime Institute for Legal, Legislative, and Educational Action IS Pennsylvania’s preeminent pro-gun / anti-crime organization. We are dedicated to educating Pennsylvanians and elected officials about rights, the laws, and legislation. We hold elected officials accountable to honor their oath to obey, uphold and protect the Pennsylvania and US Constitution, chiefly Article 1 Section 21 and the 2nd Amendment. In the past when elected officials and appointed bureaucrats fail to obey, uphold and protect the Constitution(s) and violate the individual rights of Pennsylvanians, we hold them accountable in the courts.

We do a LOT. Hence… we have a big name.


FOAC-ILLEA Newsletter - November 6th, 2023 :: 11/06/2023

Tomorrow is Election Day!

I remember how proud I was to vote in my first election back in 1992.


FOAC-ILLEA Newsletter - October 23, 2023 :: 10/23/2023

As the world around us continues to unravel, more Americans are going to the gun shop to buy a firearm to defend their family.

Police average response times across the country have doubled. Countless hordes of adult aliens have crossed our borders illegally and are somewhere in our communities planning God knows what. Soros funded DA’s across the country are letting violent criminals run rampant in our communities.


FOAC-ILLEA Newsletter - October 9, 2023 :: 10/09/2023

Once more we see how when government restricts the individual right to self-defense, people are harmed or killed. Take for instance, RIGHT NOW, in Israel.

People are dying because the government cannot protect them…. And these people are largely not “allowed” to protect themselves. However, the Israeli government is loosening their restriction on individual citizen’s ability to carry a gun for protection.


FOAC-ILLEA Newsletter - September 25, 2023 :: 09/25/2023

Over the last 2 weeks, the government at the local, state, and federal level have waged a war upon YOUR right to keep and bear arms. They are using taxpayer dollars to fund lawsuits, agencies, offices, committees, and studies whose sole purpose is to take away your ability to protect yourself and those that you love from criminals and the very same tyrant elected class that seek to restrict you.

Think about the term “Gun Control”. If they take away your gun then they can CONTROL you. That is what it is really about!


FOAC-ILLEA Newsletter - September 11, 2023 :: 09/11/2023

The FOAC-ILLEA Newsletter and overall information delivery system is evolving. This edition will be a bit different.

First, it will be shorter and there will be more links to articles and blog posts on the FOAC-ILLEA Website. The newsletter will continue to evolve as future editions will look different and be less linear, but that is change yet to come.


FOAC-ILLEA Newsletter - August 28, 2023 :: 08/28/2023

Reasonableness is the most subjectively measured “objective standard” in humanity. What you and I deem reasonable, surely someone somewhere would disagree.

Often, I see instructors and students spend a LOT of time on “the gun” but NO time on the whole kit and kaboodle of “defense”. We MIGHT need to defend ourselves and those that we love physically (preferably by avoiding or deescalating conflict) but we will certainly NEED to protect ourselves and our family legally, financially, and morally/emotionally if we use “the gun” to physically defend ourselves and those that we love.


FOAC-ILLEA Newsletter - August 14, 2023 :: 08/14/2023

A person I once worked with use to say, “That there is a kickin’ mule…. a real shame.” He would make this statement anytime he observed something “unfortunate”. For instance, watching a kid talk back to his parent, he would say, “That there is a kickin’ mule…. A real shame.”

One of the most sickening “kickin mules” I see today is how the government ceaselessly interferes with American’s ability to be self-sufficient. When I say self-sufficient, I am speaking, financially, ethically, religiously, sexually, morally, and of course regarding their ability to protect themselves and those that they love.


FOAC-ILLEA Newsletter - July 31, 2023 :: 07/31/2023

Much of the FOAC-ILLEA newsletter is written in “the first person”. Part of my responsibilities is to write and compile the newsletter. When other FOAC-ILLEA officers or team members contribute, there is a headline and a byline indicating the new article and author. When I post an article from another source, I link it to the source and cite where it came from. As we begin to better utilize the blogs on the website, the format of this newsletter will evolve (more on the blogs later). However, in the meantime, I will open this edition as I have done in the past with a personal story.

I JUST got back home from a family vacation.


FOAC-ILLEA Newsletter - July 17, 2023 :: 07/18/2023

See…. Don’t Look…..


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