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Why Do So Many Gun Owners NOT Vote :: 02/11/2024

by: Klint Macro

Did you know that (according to the US Census Bureau) 154.6 million people allegedly voted in the 2020 Presidential election?

Did you further know that currently there are an estimated 393 million “civilian owned” firearms in the United States.

Did you even further know that in 2023 there was an estimated 82,880,000 individuals who owned at least one gun in the US?

According to NBC News, 52% of voters (those that are registered to vote and do vote) say that they own a gun or live in a household with a gun?

No matter how you juggle the numbers, one must ask, “How in the hell are anti-gun politicians getting into office?”

The answers are varied and can include laziness, apathy, disbelief, denial, and a little election hanky-panky here and there. I believe the biggest reason is a complete disrespect for the real threats to our 2nd Amendment.

EVERYDAY in every level of government there are plots and schemes hatched where the outcome is the disarmament of the American people. “The People” cannot be truly controlled if they are armed. “The People” cannot be stripped of their right to free speech, assembly, religion, and vote if they are armed. “They” gotta get rid of #2 first, before they can come for the rest. The gun grabbing elected class know this.

We have no real way of knowing and tracking exactly how many gun owners there are. This is actually a good thing and how it should be. It is my opinion that other people, and especially the government, have no business knowing how many Americans own guns. They also have no business knowing how many Americans own Bibles, baseball cards, or Liza Minnelli records. It just ain’t none of their damn business. With that said, I think it is safe to say that there are likely MORE gun owners than we have data for. The gun grabbers know this too. That is why they so fervently strive to disarm “The People” every chance they get.

Back to the math. The “gun owner” data we DO have is interesting.

It is pretty easy to deduce, if ALL gun owners voted and voted for pro-gun candidates, we would not be facing AR bans, mandatory training, storage, registrations, confiscations and whatever CONTROL measure that a gun grabbing elected class tyrant salivates over in their dreams.

So, this begs the question, WHY in the hell are gun owners NOT voting or NOT voting for pro-gun candidates?

Let’s look at a few examples.

Many women gun owners vote for pro-choice candidates first and pro-gun candidate second. This was made abundantly clear in the 2022 Pennsylvania Governor’s race. I truly believe that the abortion issue mobilized many pro-choice women to go vote and was one of the biggest reasons Doug Mastriano was defeated by Shapiro.

FOAC-Institute is a single-issue organization, however, as this is my blog, let me throw this piece of meat into the dog pit. One of the reasons some women support pro-choice is if a woman is raped then they believe that the victim should have the option to terminate the pregnancy. Whether you agree or disagree with that stance, it is at least a logical argument.

Let’s be clear, these days, right, wrong, or otherwise, most pro-choice candidates will disarm you, me, and anyone else (except their own security staff) the very first chance they get.

Wouldn’t you rather empower other women to freely have the means to deter attack or protect themselves from violent sexual attacks before a “rape abortion” might be “necessary”?

Use of Deadly Force is justified in Pennsylvania to protect against death, serious bodily harm, kidnapping, or sexual intercourse compelled by force or threat. The latter is RAPE.

Many rural gun owners don’t vote at all. Many are not even registered to vote. In a recent conversation with a PA Senator, I had an epiphany. He said many rural Pennsylvanians want government to stay the hell out of their lives. They want this SO MUCH that they believe if they have nothing to do with the government, then the government will have nothing to do with them.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and I KNOW this to be a “thing”.

Our government is designed to be a “representative” government. Meaning the representatives are sent by “The People” and “The People” must select the representatives. The power of the government comes from “The People” not the other way around. If you “have nothing to do with the government” then you are letting the government do whatever it wants. If you don’t vote for pro-gun candidates, the government will ultimately want to come and get involved in your life by confiscating your property or worse. Actually, if you want the government to stay the hell out of your life, the only way to make that happen is to make sure you send representatives that won’t want to.

Some gun owners don’t vote because they are not registered. They are not registered because they don’t want to do jury duty. This “reason” is inexcusable and one of the most lazy and pathetic reasons I have heard. I have NO empathy for this one.

Jury duty CAN be a real pain and financial burden especially if you work for yourself. Believe me I know. To neglect your right to vote to avoid your duty to potentially be a juror is frankly F&%King stupid. If you were in a self-defense incident and prosecuted, wouldn’t you want civic minded gunowners on your jury? If this is YOUR reason…get your head out of your ass and go register to vote!

Another reason gun owners might vote for anti-gun candidates is because their union tells them to. This is a real problem in Pennsylvania. Will your union protect you when you are disarmed, and a criminal predator attacks your family? That is a big NOPE.

Ironically, many “union endorsed” candidates also act in a way (once in office) that hurts the very industries that workers in the union are employed. That is crazy! Your union boss has no right to tell you who to vote for on election day. This next election, heed the recommendation of the Trigger Pressers Union and vote PRO-GUN ONLY!

"Denial kills you physically, mentally, and financially. It has no survival value. Chew it up, spit it out, get rid of it. This is the moment of truth. No more denial. Rid yourself of every ounce."

-Lt Col. David Grossman

Many gun owners are in denial. They live in disbelief. They swallowed the blue pill.

“They can’t do that… we have the 2nd Amendment.”

“They won’t ever want MY gun.”

“They will never find them.”

“From my cold dead hands.”

Don’t think it can happen? What about Nazi Germany? What about Venezuela? What about Great Britain? What about Australia? What about Canada? THEY didn’t think it would happen THERE either.

The 2nd Amendment doesn’t grant us our right to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves and those that we love. That right is natural born, God given, and self-evident. The 2nd Amendment restricts the government from infringing upon that right. The Constitution is after all a piece of paper. “We The People” must enforce the Constitution. One way we do this is “We the People” vote and elect candidates that will protect and obey the Constitution and “We the People” keep an eye on them while they are in office. If “We the People” are not involved, the elected class will ignore the restrictions placed upon them by the 2nd Amendment. If you don’t recognize this, you are indeed in denial.

Folks may make it hard for government to find your hardware, and a very small number of folks may actually stand up and fight those that finally “come and take it”. But might it be better to avoid that mess by mobilizing gun owning voters and getting them to vote for pro-gun candidates? Might that be easier than mobilizing neighbors to defend you when the stormtroopers come?

Folks, if the gun grabbing tyrant elected class gets their clutches deeper into the PA House and into the PA Senate we will be just as bad or worse than NY, NJ, DE, MD, MA, CT, RI, OR, WA and CA in less than a week. Do you think Gov. Shapiro will stand up for your right to keep and bear arms in defense of yourself and those that you love and veto gun control legislation? If so, you MUST be in denial.

Register yourself and EVERYONE in your sphere of influence. Vet candidates and VOTE ONLY for pro-gun candidates or if it is unclear, vote for the MOST pro-gun candidate. Get everyone in your sphere of influence to cast a ballot. Go to the polls on election day or help them register for a mail in ballot. THEN help them vet candidates and VOTE ONLY for pro-gun candidates or if it is unclear, vote for the MOST pro-gun candidate.

We MUST put in the work this election cycle.

If we don’t, get ready for repeal of castle doctrine, repeal of stand your ground, repeal of preemption, mandatory storage, gun bans, mandatory registration, mandatory training, waiting periods, universal background checks, red flag laws, statewide “sensitive” places, and an Article V Constitutional Convention to rewrite the 2nd Amendment.

Don’t think it can happen here?

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