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What a week (month) it's been! :: 10/25/2023

by: James Stoker

What a week it’s been for FOAC and our leadership team.  Actually, what a month!  After wrapping up another great gun bash on the last day of September, we began October meeting with USCCA directors to establish how we would work with them on seminars in the future.  Then we presented our seminar for Rep. Marla Brown in New Castle on October 5th, before a small crowd thanks to a print error in Harrisburg.  Then we attended the NRA-ILA Pittsburgh convention on October 7th with V.P. Klint Macro, Director Ed Bogats, and ever-present volunteers Bob Canova and Craig Holdren.  Volunteers Suzy Psyck, Debbie Hadfield, Frank Kelly, and Mary and Rick Iorio were also present to sit in on the event. 

V.P. Klint Macro and I had to bail a little early and grab our things as we headed across the state to Scranton.  We met Director Stephen Laspina, his family, and Regional Coordinator Dave Weaver with his wife for a great sit-down dinner where we could discuss efforts and just spend some time together talking.  Then we went off to the hotel for as much sleep as we could get working on some white papers and answering emails. 

The next morning, we met bright and early to head to the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival about 45 minutes away.  V.I.P. treatment, meeting and signing up new FOAC member Dick Heller (you know, from that court case?), meeting Klint’s friends Amanda Suffecool (Eye on the Target Radio), and Charlie Cook (Riding Shotgun with Charlie).  Then Pastor Sean (World Peace and Unification Sanctuary) and Justin Moon (CEO, Kahr Arms) had a brief visit with us before Klint sent me on a ride with Charlie for his “Riding Shotgun with Charlie” podcast. Got back just in time to run to the podium to speak, visited with attendees for a while, greeted friendly faces, helped Dave at the FOAC-ILLEA tent then headed for home. 

October 11th was our first joint effort with USCCA/Delta Defense LLC to teach a concealed carry seminar at the Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsmen’s Club.  October 13th I was a guest at the Rob Mercuri for Congress breakfast fundraiser.  October 14th was our concealed carry seminar at Elrama VFD for Rep. Andrew Kuzma.  A good crowd interrupted by former state representative Levdansky, who seems to still believe the government has a place telling us HOW we exercise our gun rights in Pennsylvania.  A brief rant about our natural rights quieted him, received applause, and then we wrapped up the seminar with a great bunch of pro-liberty citizens asking questions. 

October 19th, we had a dual-purpose evening as the seminar team went with me to Delmont and presented to roughly 60 citizens for Rep. Jill Cooper.  While there, V.P. Klint Macro represented our organization and handled a Q&A session with residents in Clearfield County for Rep. Dallas Kephart after flying back that afternoon from Oklahoma and busting his tail to get there. 

October 20th Director Mihalko, and seminar-pro Kevin Jackson joined me for a car ride to Philly early in the morning to meet Coordinator Dave Weaver and volunteer Al Wells at the Oaks gun show.  That show cost me a grand!  Off to Lancaster with us… October 22nd, met with seminar-pro Bob Canova at Mill Creek Sportsmen’s Club for a concealed carry seminar had a great response, then back to the Oaks in Philly to get photos with Dave, Jim Cook, Dave Falcone, and new members Margaret van Buren and Mike Gallagher!  We couldn’t stay for Sunday, but thanks go to Dan McMonigle and Jim Cook for carrying on the drive all day Sunday.  Sorry Dan I didn’t get to visit! 

October 22nd, Kevin Jackson went with me to pick up V.P. Klint Macro and up north to Klint’s home and the Sinnemahoning Sportsmen’s Club for Klint and I to speak to the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania meeting and get people moving thanks to Blaine Toy and Pete Kingsley for inviting us, and club President Geoff Sidelinger for hosting and hospitality. 

So yes, a very busy month for us all, with a lot of new members, new allies, and guarantees to return to every place on the map when called upon.  Welcome to FOAC-ILLEA ladies and gents… where the work has just begun…

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