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Virginia: Numerous Anti-Gun Bills Introduced :: 01/21/2023

Anti-2A lawmakers wasted no time during the first week of the legislative session and already introduced numerous bills.  The more egregious bills included multiple versions of an “assault weapon” ban, microstamping, raising the age for purchasing an “assault firearm” to 21, banning open carry, mandatory waiting periods, State-funded buy-back programs requiring firearm destruction, and mandatory storage. NRA-ILA will work to defeat these anti-2A bills and will keep you informed of the status.

Below are some of the lowlights:

SB 918/HB 2240 bans “Assault Weapons.”

SB 1139/HB 2078 mandates firearm storage.

HB 1788 mandates microstamping.

HB 2273 mandates a 3-day waiting period.

HB 2288 raises the age to purchase an “assault firearm” to 21 years old.

SB 901 bans firearms in unattended vehicles.

SB 1167 allows civil lawsuits against the firearm industry for a variety of already illegal actions.

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