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Texas Self-Defense: Northeast El Paso convenience store clerk shoots attempted armed robber, police say :: 02/06/2023

A 32-year-old Hispanic man was shot while attempting to rob a convenience store in northeast El Paso Monday, according to El Paso police sergeant Robert Gomez.

The shooting took place at the DK convenience store at 5201 Fairbanks Drive around 12:28 p.m.

Officers were called out to the scene after receiving a 911 call about an aggravated robbery.

Investigators learned the suspect walked into the convenience store and demanded money and showed a weapon in his waistband, Gomez said.

The 28-year-old clerk, a conceal and carry holder, shot the man at least once, Gomez added.

"The clerk is of course cooperating and talking to investigators,” Gomez said.

The accused robber was taken to University Medical Center and is said to be in "stable condition."

Gomez said no charges are pending at the moment and the only person in custody is the suspect.

“We're going to investigate it. Depending on what occurs more than likely it’ll just be presented to the DA’s[District Attorney's] office but it's too early to make determinations right now," Gomez said.

Meantime, people who work in nearby businesses tell us they were shaken up after learning about what happened. 

"It was very hectic earlier. There was a lot of cars and commotion," said Brianna Junker.

“Scared because we are nearby," said Maria Estela Ordaz. 

They said the clerk was just defending himself. 

“I would say that he was defending himself because it would have been his life or the life of the other guy who was going to steal," said Maria. 

“I’m going to protect myself too if I was in that situation. You know, it’s your life or his," said Junker. 

We will update this breaking news story as more information becomes available. 

Editor's note: The headline of this story previously said the shooting took place at a 7-Eleven. However, the store has been rebranded as DK convenience store.

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