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Proposed Pennsylvania House Legislation HB718

this is an pro-gun bill   evalutation

Rep. Krieger has attempted to modernize the statutes that govern the transportation of firearms in past sessions. His modest proposal, which actually are simply technical changes to transportation, constitute true "common sense" gun law. HB 718 will make certain that no honest citizen becomes a criminal.

Legislation Overview

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, further providing for firearms not to be carried without a license.


Description: An Act amending Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in firearms and other dangerous articles, further providing for firearms not to be carried without a license.

Session: 2015-2016 Regular Session

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: March 4, 2015



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69 sponsors: Timothy Krieger (R); David Millard (R); Will Tallman (R); Cris Dush (R); John McGinnis (R); James Marshall; Jesse Topper (R); Stephen Barrar (R); Richard Saccone (R); Martin Causer (R); George Dunbar (R); Russ Diamond (R); Stanley Saylor (R); Michael Reese (R); Keith Greiner (R); Daryl Metcalfe (R); Paul Schemel (R); Matthew Gabler (R); William Kortz (D); Robert Kauffman (R); Christopher Harris (R); Stephen Bloom (R); Bryan Cutler (R); Gerald Mullery (D); John Lawrence (R); Mark Keller (R); Tina Pickett (R); Thomas Sankey (R); David Maloney (R); Timothy Mahoney (D); Jaret Gibbons (D); Glen Grell (R); Michael Peifer (R); Dan Moul (R); Kathy Rapp (R); Bradley Roae (R); Barry Jozwiak (R); Ted Harhai (D); Frank Farry (R); Jack Rader (R); Judith Ward (R); Kristin Phillips-Hill (R); Craig Staats (R); Jason Ortitay (R); Ryan Warner (R); Joseph Emrick (R); Jim Christiana (R); Jim Cox (R); Brian Ellis (R); Seth Grove (R); Joseph Petrarca (D); Kerry Benninghoff (R); Pam Snyder (D); Martin Flynn (D); Peter Daley (D); David Parker (R); Carl Metzgar; Robert Godshall (R); Thomas Mustio (R); Neal Goodman (D); Jerome Knowles; Michael Hanna (D); Mark Gillen (R); Eli Evankovich (R); Frank Burns (D); Eric Nelson (R); Brett Miller (R); Parke Wentling (R); Doyle Heffley (R)

Chamber Date Action
House Mar 4, 2015 Referred to JUDICIARY
Type Date State Link Text
Introduced not available state bill text bill text

There have not been any votes on this bill

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