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Proposed Pennsylvania House Legislation HB45

this is an pro-gun bill   evalutation

This legislation is an important enhancement to the Castle Doctrine by providing for the ability of an individual who is attacked to use lethal force should there be a significant difference in the physical prowess or stature of the attacker. This is otherwise known as disparity of force and also provides for a recognition of multiple attackers as well.

Sponsor: Rep. Rick Saccone

Legislation Overview

Title: In general principles of justification, further providing for use of force in self-protection.


Description: An Act amending Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in general principles of justification, further providing for use of force in self-protection.

Session: 2015-2016 Regular Session

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: January 21, 2015



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32 sponsors: Richard Saccone; Michael Reese; Jerome Knowles; Stephen Bloom; Robert Kauffman; David Maloney; Bryan Cutler; Mark Gillen; Russ Diamond; John McGinnis; Matthew Gabler; Cris Dush; Curtis Sonney; Daryl Metcalfe; Harry Readshaw; Will Tallman; Bryan Barbin; Bradley Roae; Kathy Rapp; Barry Jozwiak; Jim Christiana; Frank Farry; Jack Rader; James Marshall; Judith Ward; Kristin Phillips-Hill; Craig Staats; Ryan Warner; Frank Farina; Greg Rothman; Jason Ortitay; Jaret Gibbons

Chamber Date Action
House Jan 21, 2015 Referred to JUDICIARY
Type Date State Link Text
Introduced not available state bill text bill text

There have not been any votes on this bill

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