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Proposed Pennsylvania House Legislation HB1010

this is an anti-gun bill   evalutation

The calls for universal background checks sounds like a good idea but, like most good ideas, the details reveal it to be unenforceable and unnecessary.

Universal background checks--the elimination of private transfers of firearms--have been sold to the American people as a reasonable and attractive way to stop criminals from getting firearms. Who wouldn't/couldn't be for it? As in all things, the devil is in the oft-overlooked details and hidden agendas!

First, it is important to understand that every single handgun transfer (there are no private transfers of handguns in this state) in Pennsylvania has gone through a background check--and a record of sale is on file in Harrisburg.

Since the vast majority of firearms used in crime are handguns, it is easy to understand why Pennsylvania has long required a 'record of sale' form for every transfer of a handgun (in fact, for the past 80 years). However, statistics comparing Pennsylvania to other states that don't mandate these requirements on the sale of firearms show virtually no difference in crime rates between PA and those other states.

Pennsylvanians are once again being subjected to rhetoric attempting to justify this controversial program. Academicians and researchers have hotly debated the pro's and con's, with the weight of evidence ultimately emerging against adoption of universal background checks.

Sponsor: Steve Santarsiero

Legislation Overview

Title: In firearms and other dangerous articles, further providing for sale or transfer of firearms.


Description: An Act amending Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in firearms and other dangerous articles, further providing for sale or transfer of firearms.

Session: 2013-2014 Regular Session

Last Action: Referred to JUDICIARY

Last Action Date: March 20, 2013



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66 sponsors: Santarsiero, Steven J.; Dean, Madeleine; Waters, Ronald G.; Frankel, Dan; Brown, Vanessa Lowery; Cohen, Mark B.; Schlossberg, Michael H.; Youngblood, Rosita C.; Boyle, Kevin J.; Davis, Tina M.; Stephens, Todd; O'Brien, Michael H.; McGeehan, Michael P.; Thomas, W. Curtis; Cruz, Angel; Brownlee, Michelle F.; McCarter, Stephen; Sims, Brian; Bishop, Louise Williams; Samuelson, Steve; Mundy, Phyllis; Donatucci, Maria P.; Keller, William F.; Roebuck, Jr., James R.; Pashinski, Eddie Day; Carroll, Mike; Daley, Mary Jo; Vitali, Greg; Galloway, John T.; Briggs, Tim; Sabatina, Jr., John P.; DeLissio, Pamela A.; Rozzi, Mark; Freeman, Robert; Molchany, Erin C.; Sturla, P. Michael; Kim, Patty; Fabrizio, Florindo J.; Davidson, Margo L.; Neilson, Ed; McNeill, Daniel T.; Kinsey, Stephen; Clay, James; Caltagirone, Thomas R.; Boyle, Brendan F.; Gainey, Ed; Wheatley, Jake; Harris, Jordan A.; Kavulich, Sid Michaels; Swanger, RoseMarie; Hackett, Joseph T.; Killion, Thomas H.; Kirkland, Thaddeus; Parker, Cherelle L.; Miranda, J.P.; Bradford, Matthew D; Schreiber, Kevin; Ross, Chris; Evans, Dwight; Adolph, Jr., William F.; Miller, Daniel; Micozzie, Nicholas A.; Miccarelli, Nick; Adam Ravenstahl; Deasy, Daniel J.; Kampf, Warren

Chamber Date Action
House Mar 20, 2013 Referred to JUDICIARY
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Introduced not available state bill text bill text

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