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Michigan Self-Defense:No Charges for Concealed Carrier Who Shot Alleged Robber While Holding Six-Pack :: 08/22/2023

The concealed carry permit holder who shot an alleged robber while holding a six-pack of beer in Cassopolis, Michigan, will face no charges.

Breitbart News reported that 35-year-old Cordelius Anthony Martin allegedly entered the store and announced a robbery. Surveillance video shows that a customer was in the store at that time with a six-pack of beer in his hand.

The customer, a concealed carry permit holder, pulled his pistol, holding it in his right hand and shooting the robber while continuing to hold the beer in his left.

Martin was shot numerous times.

WOOD TV reported that the Cass County prosecutor announced Tuesday that the concealed carry permit holder will face no charges. The prosecutor described the concealed carry permit holder’s actions as “lawful and justified.”

Martin faced multiple charges, including intent to rob while armed.

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