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Georgia Self-Defense: Feeding GA Families manager holds armed suspect at gunpoint :: 11/30/2022

ATLANTA, Ga. (WUPA) -- A suspect running from police was looking to hide out at a local food pantry, but a manager took action.

Feeding GA Families Chief Operations Manager William Joyner reflected on the chain of events that took place following a nearby police chase.

"One of the volunteers came in screaming, asking if I had my gun," Joyner said. "She was telling me there was a gentleman running from police that had just come on the property. He had a gun on him, and he went around back," he said.

Ring cam video shows the suspect quickly walking toward the back of the building.

"I figured out where he was and went around with gun raised and ordered him to get on his knees. His right arm started creeping out towards where he had the gun on his side. I told him, 'Don't reach for that. I really don't want to kill you, but I will.' He still kept reaching," said Joyner.

Police arrived just in time, arresting Jordan Shelley, 20, charging him with obstruction. Officers said he does not face any gun charges, since he was not illegally carrying a gun and did not use it to commit a crime. Before he tried running from the police, authorities say Shelley was with James Green, 21, who led officers on a chase before crashing a stolen vehicle. Green was also arrested after fleeing on foot.

It all happened as volunteers were working outside and as families were lining up in cars to pick up food.

"My thing was just trying to keep my son-in-law safe. I didn't want anybody to get hurt," said Feeding GA Families CEO Margaret Rivera, who is Joyner's mother-in-law.

The food pantry has been the victim of several burglaries and other incidents, so they're looking for a new location. Dedicated volunteers returned the next day, continuing their mission of feeding families in need. They're calling Joyner a hero for detaining the suspect until police arrived.

"That was awesome work. He didn't hesitate at all," said Erica Baskerville, a volunteer.

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