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ATF Agency Pressure Has Killed Innocent People :: 09/22/2022

The pressure being applied to American citizens by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is enough to pulverize you into dust.

I knew Chris, which is to say I’d done business with him a few times. I have no idea what other burdens he carried or the mistakes he’s made in life. Considering we’re among the living, we all bear burdens – often many.

But, as someone who has dealt, and continues to deal with, the immense pressure ATF places upon an FFL business owner, I have a special level of sorrow for Chris. I don’t seek your pity. However, if you can ponder for a moment how heavy it is to resist the power of government when they come to destroy you, all by means of making LEGAL things instantly ILLEGAL, you’ll have the basis for the problem.

We’re not talking about written laws being broken. Rather, entire businesses that are erected over the years all go *poof* overnight, thus making your business illegal. I often wonder if this isn’t a bastardized form of entrapment…

As ATF continues to create criminals from patriots with reversals of their previous opinions, essentially weaponizing itself against the citizens it claims to serve, death and suffering will naturally occur.

…And Chris, apparently believed there was no way out. I pray he was saved unto Him.

If the goal of this administration was to run ethical and moral people out of business by simply changing the rules of the game, they have achieved their goal.

…And they’ve done so by trampling upon not only the rights and liberties of Americans but now their very lives.  ATF has become a rabid dog.

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