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9-11-01 Never Forget :: 09/11/2023

by: Klint Macro

I was in Hollywood, CA on 9-11-01. Chaos was nationwide. Buildings were evacuated on the west coast, stories of "lost planes" that were going to strike the Library Tower in LA.... news coverage of explosions, rumors of planes hitting Pittsburgh or the White House... later images of buildings crumbling, family members stranded as they were traveling.... All of us that were adults on that day remember exactly what we were doing and how we experienced that day.

I now work with many adults who were not old enough to remember that day and some who werent even born yet! Time is relentless. Today, be sure to remember what the world was like on 9-10 and on 9-11, and even more importantly what it was like on 9-12. Educate the younger generation about what those days were like. EVERYONE was an American on 9-12-01, the sense of community was overwhelming.

Sometimes you gotta jump into the puddle to get the water out!

For those of you that have been following me on social media, or have read the FOAC-ILLEA newsletter for the last couple of years, you may recognize this post as I reuse it each year. I can not think of a better way to compose my thoughts. Here goes.........

9-11 changed all of our lives.

The world and this country was very different before 9-11, attitude, travel, banking, commerce, communications, patriotism, community........A lot of things changed since 2001 and they continue to change... such is life. We must ALWAYS REMEMBER what happened that day. All geo-politics aside... Men and Women willingly gave of themselves and gave their lives in the pursuit to help others who needed it.

The sound of jet engines, the pictures of people jumping from buildings, citizens covered with white dust as they emerge from the clouds after the buildings dropped. The DEAFENING sound of PASS devices coming from beneath wreckage and rubble........................... knowing that each one was a Brother down.

I have not been in the fire service for sometime. I was not that great of a fireman anyhow, but it was such an honor to serve my community along with the real firefighters and first responders at my department. I remember the 10 year anniversary of 9-11 in 2011. We all hung out at the old firehouse, in dress uniform. We had our bunker gear staged just in case. I brought Augie with me. He was only 3. We listened to the tones as county dispatch marked each time with a memorial alert; when the first plane hit... when the 2nd plane hit, when the buildings dropped. Grown men sat listening to the radios with tears in their eyes. Remembering where they were and what they were doing on that day.

During the day, we were all very quiet, solemn, and pensive. Then Augie found the big mud puddle.... His zeal for jumping into it sparked a laugh and a smile on our faces reminding us that time marches on and sometimes you gotta jump into the puddle to get rid of the water.

Augie and his generation will no doubt have their own "9-11", but I for one will be sure that he understands what happened on that day so that when his comes, he'll be better equipped to respond to it.

Never Forget... Always Remember

Stay Armed and BE Well Regulated!

Klint Macro


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